Friday, November 11, 2011

How much should I sell my Prada purse for?

I have a Prada pusre and I want to sell it. It has never been used before. I got it but its too small for me. How much should I sell it for?|||Go to Prada and check the prices.|||Can i see a picture of it?|||picture please...|||Sell it as if it was brand new (the same price you bought it for).|||probably 350. but since it wasnt used sell it for more than it was worth.|||watever u do......sell it for more the amount u bought it for|||Go to E Bay and check out their prices. They are going very high,Especially since yours is new.|||Is it an authentic Prada? If you can provide a picture of your bag, I can give you an idea on what you can get for it. I have purchased many Prada handbags at Prada's Madison Avenue store in New York City since 1997.

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